The Everyday Agency Introduction

I’m Sunita, the Co Founder of The Everyday Agency. I have over 15 years' experience growing brands through the power of marketing.

As a business, the growth of our clients and campaigns rely upon the application of experience, strategy and the application of creative concepts that ensure they stand out form the masses. We have become trusted as an integral mechanic to maintaining results and delivering campaigns that work.

Our services have reported measurable ROI allowing clients to hit their growth targets across all channels. We have sold high ticket items that include boats through to best selling books on Amazon and No.1 chart hits with music. Our value is in the understanding of the target audience and how our clients products or services connect and improve their lives.

Start Up Marketing Course

Building business through strategic marketing is what we do. Our TEA-M have developed a format and structure that help position and grow your brand within your specific industry. This course provides practical steps, an easy to follow guide which allows you to understand and apply the process to your own project or company. Delivered by experts who have a global vision and experience, our marketing courses are recognised as n essential tool to support your success.

Branding Your Business

In this workshop, we cover the basics of branding, and how this impacts your goals. We provide a step by step guide on what content you need to design, build and publicise your company, connecting your target consumer.

Strategy & Growth

Providing the core elements you need to expand and sustain your model. We provide an integrated set of templates to apply to your own business. In this area we address your Vision, Mission and how to track your results.

Marketing Your Brand

One of the most important elements is taking your brand to market. Here we teach you to curate content and engage your audience through tone of voice, communications and advertising.

Example Curriculum

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